Kronus Software
Io print & data formatting system
Io is Kronus Software's print & data manipulation system.

Io can be used to easily reformat data during pre-processing or in preparation of line data used to drive a variety of printers. As well as being a fast & powerful data manipulation tool Io can directly format pages & produce print output in:


Io print & data formatting system
Create your print documents in Microsoft Word

Used as a print formatter Io allows the user to import or create documents in Microsoft Word 97 placing variables, setting fonts & paragraph alignment etc. directly in the Word document. Once the document is ready it is included in the Io job setup along with any data manipulation instructions.

Io's built in functions include among many others:
Upper & Lower case conversion
Salutation Generation
Blank Address Line removal
Number & Date formatting.

The user can also include page preview instructions to view pages on screen exactly as they are printed.

Preview your formatted print on screen